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6 Items You Should Consider Selling When Moving Out


Moving out of your current home is a stressful process. You have to plan ahead if you want to have a smoother moving day. You have to contact a mover, pack your items in a safe manner, and make sure that every item that you plan on bringing with you to the new place is there. 

If you’re moving to a smaller place or even if you’re not moving to a significantly smaller space you might want to consider whether or not you should bring all of your current items with you to your new place. Moving out to a different home is the best time to consider which items of yours are worth keeping and which are just cluttering up your space. 

The best way you can get rid of some of your items is to sell them. Not only will you be making more space in your home, but you will also get some money out of it. On that note here are several items you should consider selling once you move out. 

1. Old appliances

If you’re moving out one of the first things that you should consider is the appliances that are currently in your home. Bringing old appliances with you to your new home might not be the best idea. This is your most opportune time to consider upgrading any outdated appliances that you have been using for a long time.

Since appliances can be quite heavy to move to your new home, considering selling them away is going to be quite convenient for you. Even if they don’t work as well as they used to, you can still sell some of their key parts so you’re still going to make money out of it in some way.

2. Furniture

According to Moving Pros Removalists Sydney, some furniture that you are no longer happily moving out with is moving out another group of household items that you should consider selling when you’re moving out. There’s nothing like moving into a new home with a new set of furniture to welcome you and make you feel like you are having a fresh start.

Much like the reason for selling old appliances, selling old furniture will make it easier for you to transport your item to and from your old home to your new home. Since these can be quite bulky, you won’t have to spend as much money having to pay for more movers to deal with your furniture.

3. CDs and Books

A couple of other items that you should consider selling before you move out of our old CDs and books that you aren’t interested in any longer. Unless you are a collector then you might want to throw out any feelings that you have lying around that you haven’t touched in years.

You can sell them to your local second-hand shop and get a couple of change and pennies for it so make sure that you don’t expect to sell them for the same amount that you bought them with. Of course, if you are keeping a couple of rare CDs and books then you are likely going to fetch a higher price for them but this is unlikely. 

4. Kitchen tools

If you have any kitchen tools that you are no longer using then you might as well sell them on online marketplaces. These kitchen tools can take up a lot of space and if you’re not even using them or you plan on buying you want then you should definitely sell them away. The same can be said for any garage tools you have lying around that you aren’t using.

Having power tools around that you aren’t using is just going to be a waste of space and a waste of the potential of these tools at the right hand. If you keep them in great condition then they can fetch you quite a bit of money so if you’re not planning on using them in your new home then you might as well sell them off. 

5. Clothes

When you’re moving out is the best time to reconsider every purchase that you ever made and one of the first things that people rifle through are their clothes. A lot of people tend to buy clothes on impulse which is why even though they think they have quite a few clothes to choose from for their outfit of the day, their closets are still stacked. 

You can set up some sort of online shop or even a garage sale to sell off these clothes that you don’t plan on using. You can also consider donating some of your clothes to an organization that would need them. 

6. Linens 

People tend to not replace their linens with new ones because they forget to. If you’re moving out of your home, then this is the best time to buy new linens and sell off your old ones. You can even donate some of these to animal shelters so that you’re doing some good while you are getting rid of some of your unwanted items.


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