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6 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional is a Must When Installing a Heat Pump


A heat pump, as the name suggests, is a device that pumps heat after extracting it from one place to another. The heat pump cycle is fully reversible, which is probably the reason why it is deemed to be more efficient.

And more and more households are choosing heat pumps over the traditional HVAC systems when it comes to either heating or cooling their homes.

Before you get too excited and decide to install one on your own, think again. Because putting up a heat pump is not as easy as you expect, and here’s why:

How complicated is installing a heat pump?

One of the reasons why there is an increasing interest in using a heat pump these days is its efficiency. And usually, if a home appliance is efficient, this means more savings for you.

Apparently, when it breaks down, your natural reaction will be, “can I fix it myself?” and that is because you obviously would want to save more. It’s highly suggested, however, that you don’t DIY at this point.

Installing a heat pump unit is complicated, especially for someone who does not do it regularly.

It takes a lot of careful research to make sure you don’t incorrectly connect a hose to the wrong part. Also, the system is not the only factor that you have to consider here. The ductwork may need inspection as well.

Disassembling and removing your old unit may also be a pain if not done correctly and other possible unforeseen circumstances. Things such as electrical upgrades and drywall repairs are only examples of things you may unable to pick up if you don’t let a professional do the job. 

1. Let the experienced people handle it

You won’t self-medicate if you’re feeling unwell, right? You’d see a physician for that matter. 

Therefore, when your reliable heat pump needs some TLC too, make sure you let the experienced people handle it as well.

Simply because they know more, and they could do more. At the same time, they are the best people who could tell you the do’s and don’ts to make sure you get the most of your newly installed HVAC system.

That way, you won’t find yourself in the same position again anytime soon.

2. To ensure that the unit will function efficiently

Remember that this type of HVAC system does two functions: Cooling and heating your home. And when it breaks down, you are also affected twice as bad.

Therefore, you would want everything to run smoothly and make use of the unit as longer as possible. If you DIY, chances are there are other issues you might neglect, which could significantly affect the efficiency of this new home appliance. 

HVAC contractors, like Aeon Hamilton Home Insulation Specialist, offer free home assessment even before a job is done. They get the measurements needed and give you a more knowledgeable cost after.

They also partner up with some of the industry’s leading brands, making sure that they cater regardless of what type of heat pump you’d want to install.

3. To keep the warranty protected

A product warranty is a form of consumer protection that can benefit you if your HVAC system turns out to be faulty. Therefore, it is something that you shouldn’t take for granted.

Unfortunately, if the client did the damage, it is something that’s beyond the product warranty’s scope already. 

Consider hiring a professional for the installation. Not only do they know the nitty-gritty stuff during the fitting, but they can also tell you how to care for it after.

4. To save yourself time

To install a whole new HVAC system, sometimes half a day is not enough. And for someone who has work and other engagements every minute is crucial.

If you don’t want to get your time wasted by something that will potentially leave you frustrated in the end, let the people who know more about the job do the work for you.

Surely, you’d want to spend your time in a more productive way than go in and out of those tiny spaces just to get through the attic. 

5. For your own safety

More than anything else, it is your safety that matters most. And going through all the electrical wires and crawling into those tiny spaces without proper knowledge is something unsafe to do.

Hence, the reason why there are designated experts who are expected to do the dirty work for you. Not only are they equipped with all the right tools, but they are also knowledgeable in case any unexpected circumstances happen during the installation.

6. It is cost-effective

If you think that you are saving money when you install a new HVAC system yourself, you’re wrong.

What if you damage the unit? You won’t be able to run after the warranty anymore.

What if you incorrectly do something during the process? When a small part is damaged, it may affect the entire system giving you an even bigger problem in the end.

Hiring an HVAC contractor may be pricey at first, but looking at the bigger picture tells you otherwise. Some companies provide a free follow-up check after the installation or money-back guarantee if things don’t go the way you expected.

Hiring a professional HVAC contractor does not only give you peace of mind with the whole installation process. Furthermore, you can also hold someone accountable if something terrible comes up, which you obviously cannot do if you do it yourself.

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