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Dozen Ways to Decorate Your House FOR FREE


People always try to improve a place they live in. Sometimes, they have to spend big money to paint the walls, change the furniture, and reorganize their living space. If you want to change your house totally, you have to spend your time, efforts, costs. It’s summer and you probably have a plan to go to somewhere with your family. If you have to choose between reorganization your house and traveling, you can do both. It’s not about taking cheap but comfortable car from Enterprise Guadalajara airport and cutting expenses on hostel. It’s rather about many interesting ideas of decorating your home FOR FREE! Yeah! It’s possible to spend nothing and do as much as you can with your living space. HOW?


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It’s time for brainstorming to share the craziest design ideas! You’ll be surprised how simple they are!

  1. Add some nature

If you are going to refresh your apartments but don’t want to spend much money for it, try to bring in some nature. How? First of all, you can decorate your room with numerous flowerpots. Also, you can create a flower composition of natural materials you can find in your garden. You can use flowers, pine cones, acorns, and tree branches. Change your composition every season!

  1. Create new pictures

If you want to make changes, try to decorate the walls. How? Don’t even paint the walls. Just add some pictures. You can take your family photos or find some images from the internet. It is not a problem to print them out from your computer and add a creative handmade frame. Are you good at drawing? This is your chance to draw something and hang the picture in your living room.

  1. Decorate your furniture

Do you want to change the furniture but don’t want to pay for it? You can decorate your old furniture. Try to paint it white or black or change some other way to make it look like a brand new item. Take the sofa from your living room and try it for your corridor.

  1. More pillows and rugs around

You can refresh your bedroom look with the help of pillows. Just add more pillows or change their covers. Also, you can take pillows from your living room and take it to your bedroom or vice versa.

Ashtry with Book and Condo


  1. Use old furniture items

There are many interesting interior items around you. You can find something really special among them. How about that charming father’s suitcase which is more than 40 years already? Look! There is an old grandma’s tea set. It is more than 60 years old! If these things mean much for you, take them out. You can decorate your room nicely.

  1. Declutter your rooms

If you don’t know what to change in your interior to make it perfect, just declutter your home! There are many “odd” things you don’t need any more and never use.

  1. Restyle your furniture

Try to restyle any of your interior items. Look at that old boring coffee-table. You can paint it or decorate with flowers. It is very refreshing.

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  1. Work together

If you don’t have any ideas about what to change, you can ask your friends. Work together, share your ideas and arrange a party after that.

  1. Find ideas in the internet

If you are in a hurry to change something or don’t have enthusiastic friends, go online and try to find interesting ideas in the internet. You can visit specialized websites or just ask for help in the social media. What is more, it will no cost you money.

  1. Change curtains

How about changing the curtains to make your room look new? If you don’t want to pay money to buy new curtains, you can take your silk bed sheets. It is rather a good and creative idea to use sheets as curtains.

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  1. Arrange garage sale

This idea is not new but sure. If you want to buy something new for your home, try to sell any of your stuff you don’t love and don’t use. There are many online auctions where you can sell your used things even without leaving a house. Also, you can arrange a garage sale.

  1. Paint everything you can’t change

Painting is the cheapest and fastest way to change your home. Are you going to refresh your interior? Paint the walls. Are you looking for the idea to make your furniture look like new? Paint your furniture. You can you spray paint, wall paint, anything you have in your garage.

Any of decoration strategies you have in your head may work. You can use any resources you already have. Also, it is not a problem to sell your old stuff to get some money for buying new decorative elements and materials. Anyway, even if you are limited in time and money, it is possible to change your living space fast. If you are not ready for changes now, just save this post for later.


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