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How to Achieve Vintage Décor in Your Home

Home Decor

Charmingly old-fashioned, quirky, and individualistic; casual yet romantic; pocket-friendly: this
is the beauty of a room decorated with vintage finds. It is a far-reach style that makes it easy to
bring out creativity and can be shown in a straightforward definition. Vintage never goes out of
style! It is a misconception that vintage designs equate to older model. Well, we all know this is
not the case.

The idea behind vintage interior design is to give a sense of nostalgia without looking run-down.
Old models range from retro, rustic, all the way to shabby chic. Spice up our home with vintage
decorations and stand out proudly among your friends and peers.

Vintage Décor for Living Room

Why should you not make a place where you spend most of your time comfortable and good
looking? Make your living room look better with the vintage home décor. There are several ways
you can use- shelves, vintage wall art, chairs- stuff like that. Now let’s see what your living room
should have.

Vintage couch

If you are a vintage home décor maniac and you love everything to do with that, then all you
need in your sitting room is a vintage couch. Choose your color wisely and make your room have
a vintage look.


This is something that your grandmother must have had in her home at those golden old times. It
looks like a nifty little cushion for your cups and plates. These doilies are hard to find in stores
nowadays, but you can crochet it yourself if you know how to.

Old typewriter

An old typewriter will work perfectly as a cool vintage home décor idea. Are you an old
fashioned person? Then you will love the trusty writing machine. If not working, it would be a
beautiful decoration, lying on top of your shelve or any other place that you find suitable.


This style comes from the 70s of the 80s. Not everyone uses mats nowadays, of course. And
when they do, people tend to place them someplace where they hardly step on them or notice
them. But don’t you think that this a cool way to give your sitting room a vintage look? They
look great on the ground and not against the wall.

Record player

The record player is arguably the best piece of technology that can give your home a complete
vintage look. Having a record player at your home is a cool old school way to listen to records,
while at the same time bringing back the sweet old memories.
Your living room is where many decorative styles bring out the real vintage look. The way to
creating a perfect living room is by following your taste- by this, you will only choose
accessories that you use yourself. To bring a completely vintage look, if a coffee table has too
many decorations, you will need to fit in with everything else in the room.

Vintage Kitchen Décor

Most of the people who love vintage décor always consider the kitchen first. Maybe it the
impression we get from movies where people film scenes in a well-decorated vintage kitchen. So
let's see what we have to include for kitchen decorations.
Two-tiered plant hanger

This exciting feature, probably something nobody around has it for miles. It is ideally used as a
decoration, but you can always make use of it and store some fruits or plants there. It is a great
way to save on space and have more storage places in the kitchen.

Food scale

Nowadays, digital equipment have flooded the market. But using an analog food scale that
works as well as the digital one gives your home a vintage look. You may consider changing
your digital devices to vintage. They are a great décor.

Full kitchen set

Old-fashioned kitchen designs look very charming! Giving your kitchen a vintage design is just
perfect for vintage enthusiasts.

Coffee and water pot

A coffee and water pot is as vintage as it sounds. Remember of the old days when our
grandmothers used it for both coffee and water? It is straightforward, effortless to use, and will
look great in your kitchen.

Vintage Bathroom and Bedroom decors

If you have chosen the vintage home décor way, make sure your bedroom and bathroom match
the trend as well. It won't look excellent if your house is vintage, and then your toilet is entirely

Vintage shower and water faucet

Consider shower and water faucet that looks like they are straight from the 19 th century. It will
give your bathroom an impressive look that will be attractive to all your friends and family.

Colorful panels

Make your rooms bright. The more colors, the more attractive it becomes. Choose your colors
well to give your room a vintage look. The wooden panel will blend well with white walls.

Weighted blanket

The first step in giving your bedroom a vintage look is by securing a weighted blanket. Finding
the best-weighted blanket will ensure you have a comfortable sleep all night long.

Suitcase shelves

Suitcase shelves are way more interesting. You can get some old suitcases at your local vintage
shop, or you can still get stylish bags that have a vintage look. This is a great way to create
additional space in your room.

Old doors with vintage plates

This is among the cheapest décor that you can make for yourself. If you don't have old doors in
your house, you can find them in old abandoned houses. You can stick anything that looks like
vintage, not only the plates.

Whatever you decide to include in your house, try as much not to overdo it with too many
similar pieces. Make sure you place them in a place that will create an aesthetic appeal and make
your home look and feel welcoming.

Going vintage is one of the methods to change everything up in your house and every room.
Challenge yourself by playing around with your home's design and try to pull off a vintage style.

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