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Pocket-Friendly ‘Renewal’ Items Your Apartment Needs Right Now!


Whether you live in your own apartment or a rented one, getting bored of your living space is inevitable. The curtains that you got a year back, the drapes on the sofas and tablemats, pleased your eyes while they were still new. Now that they’ve been around for a year, they don’t give off those good vibes anymore.

Making a bunch of new additions to your living space doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put a dent in your pocket. All you require is a plan, the right help and time to turn your boring apartment into a happening one:

  • If you like to keep your rental property makeover low-key yet impactful, then plants would suffice just fine. You can even go for bonsais to add oomph to your living space. Home gardening adds an element of relaxation to a house. Plants won’t only make your living room look good but also relax your nerves after a long day.
  • Accent walls have garnered a lot of attention lately. Just pick a wall, paint it in bold color of your choice and there you have it, an ultimate spirit and mood lifter, right in your home. Getting approval from your property owner can be a hurdle though, especially if you have cranky nut, then you might’ve to go for other home renovation ideas.
  • No windows are ever complete without curtains. Depending on the colors that you like and the patterns that you think would go well, you can choose curtains and transform your living room or bedroom in the blink of an eye. The best part is that you won’t even need special permission from your property owner, and without a lot of hassle you would be able to make your living space wonderful again.
  • Not sure about you, but we think that rugs add the perfect amount of comfort to any living space. Rugs don’t even cost that much yet they have this unmatched power of transforming a boring room into a much happening one. When it comes to rugs, you can either go for the ones that go in the center of the room or the wall-to-wall ones, all up to you.
  • Thanks to Ikea and the DIY-ness it has encouraged in people, you can get bookshelves and racks, build them and make your house look way up there! These faux built-ins add a ton of oomph to the living space and you won’t even have to go through the hassle of hefty-assembly. Just a screw there and a twist here, and there you have it, your very own pieces de resistance.

In a Nutshell

Your home deserves your attention regardless of the fact that it’s a rental or not. Instead of going down the typical route of house renovations and waking up the neighbors, you can go for the aforementioned things to transform your living space. Without putting a dent in your wallet, you’ll end up with a nicely done apartment.

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