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Positives And Negatives Of Epoxy Style Floor Coating


There are many options in the market when we talk about flooring designs but the ones which are more affordable become popular. There are other qualities that matter when we want to select a better option for the house floors such as durability, cost, aesthetic approach and easy to clean material. If you assess all the flooring materials available, epoxy floor coating is the best in all aspects. In this era of advancement, Epoxy floor coating services are great for the places where floors get damaged due to moisture and heat. It has amazing qualities which we will discuss in details for the guidance of homeowners.

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Advantages of Epoxy Floors:

Some of the good aspects of our life are derived from happiness because of safe and gorgeous home designs. The basic element of our interior designs is the floor and if you are going to use an epoxy coating, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1.    Long lasting

The material is outstanding in nature and is good for all kinds of settings such as homes, industrial constructions, restaurants, hospitals, and shopping attractions. The floors made of this material are durable and tough for various environmental factors such as moisture, heat, and weight. It has been seen that most of the industrial settings use one of these best floor coating services to make the floor completely safe for any damage and cracking.

2.    Convenient maintenance

The surface of the epoxy floors is quite smooth and does not absorb dust or get stained easily. That is why it is very easy to clean the surface with usual soapy water and a simple mop. If you broom away the dust at first, the process becomes easier. Some of the floors are so delicate that we need special microfiber expensive mops for them otherwise they get scratched and the shine is lost as well. However, the epoxy coating is scratch free and extremely stress-free to clean. Removing sticky or greasy spills is also very easy if you to learn some cleaning hacks from the internet.

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3.     Less absorption of germs

The surface is not porous, that is why it offers a hygienic place for your family to walk, sit or play. If you have kids in the house, commercial epoxy floor coating in Norcross GA will be a blessing for you. It is not prone to fungi production or keeping any virus-bacteria stored on the surface. The easier cleaning quality also makes it a healthy surface to be installed in houses and hospitals.

4.     Affordable

When you look at a newly polished epoxy floor, the first thing that comes to mind is how expensive will this gorgeous design be? The style and glossy finish make it look incredibly high in price. However, actually, we do not have to spend that much to buy this coating for our floors. The people who are hired to install this floor are also not quite high in cost. The overall process from buying to finishing touches, the charges seem quite reasonable.

5.    Beautiful designs

This type of high-quality affordable epoxy floor coating is not only user-friendly but also is offered in unique designs. The quality services and creative skills of installation artists may surprise you because it has been observed in extraordinarily innovative colors and designs.

Negative Aspects of the Epoxy Floor Coating

Every picture has two sides, one is the beautiful painted one which shows colors and creativity and the other one is dull and just has the ugly shadow of the actual image. In this case, Epoxy coating floors also have some downsides which we need to know.


1) Application of this material is difficult

It is not an easy task to apply this coating, you will need experts and trained hardworking staff in order to conduct the installation. You have to prep the floor quite well to begin installing this coat because any residue, oil, irregularity or dirt will cause the material to crack and get damaged.


  1. Chipping due to heavy furniture

If you throw anything hard and heavy on this floor, the results will be instant chipping. This defect can also happen in case you are shifting the furniture from one area in the room to another. If you want to avoid such obnoxious marks on the floor, then lifting and placing heavy objects has to be done smoothly.

  1. De-coloring due to UV rays

A very prominent and devaluing problem of this Epoxy floor coating is that you cannot use it in the spaces which are regularly exposed to direct sunlight. The UV rays can damage this floor and turn the color into pale patches. You can also see yellow instead of white after some time.


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