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Tips to Choose the Best Service Provider for Home Improvement Tasks


Home improvement is something that everyone has to deal with. Whenever you face any issue or plan to improve something at home, you start looking for a service provider online in the nearby vicinity. For instance you are a resident of Sydney, Australia and during the snowfall in winters any of the issues come across like your water pipeline got burst, your windows got broken, your roof tiles started to leak. Here is the time when the problem starts, but we have got a solution for you. 

Whatever issue you are facing, here are the following things you need to do first. Check if there is anything that some home remedy could be of any help. People often have some basic tools at home and you need to make sure the issue is something that you can’t fix at home. Now comes the next step of hiring some service provider who can fix the issue you are facing. 

Platforms to Hire a Tradie

In Australia, people who provide services for home improvements and fixtures are called tradies. You can hire tradies through various ways. Firstly, there are online platforms where tradies are registered and you can hire the concerned tradesman. Fixezi is one the legitimate online platforms that operates in Australia. At fixezi you can sign up using a free app and post a job. After you post the job, you will get a quote request from the tradies in no time and you choose the one that suits the best. The best thing about this platform is that it only hires certified tradies that are present in the local vicinity and it’s dedicated to home improvements and other relevant industries. You can post trade jobs as per your region i.e trade jobs in Sydney, Australia.

The other source of hiring the tradesperson could be a job site like indeed or linkedin. On the job sites, you can also get the required resources. On such sites you need to post a job ad and people will reach out to you. From the received applications you can pick the finest one as per your requirements.

After you choose the platform here are things you need to check before hiring any tradesman or a service provider for your home improvement task:

  1. Certified resource for the job
  2. Experienced resource would be a plus
  3. Availability of time
  4. Resource from nearby vicinity
  5. Availability of all the instruments
  6. Charges and Turnaround time

Certified Resource For the Job

Legitimacy is everything, and certification is indeed a proof that the person you are hiring is aware of the solution. So always choose the person who has a relevant certification. For example you are looking for a plumber, look for the ones that have certification in plumbing. Advantage is that they will not dodge and won’t make failed tries. 

Experienced Resource

If the person you are hiring is experienced, that is a win-win for you at any cost. Reason, he/she can fix it in less time plus they will be much more certain about the issue and its viable solution. Also they can help you with much better solutions which can be cost effective and better one too in terms of quality.  


The most important thing is that you know the scope of your job, i.e how much manpower will be required and how much effort will be required. If you know this you will be able to scale the service provider efficiently. If your job requires 10 people, you must go for a company that has a trained and professional team which can get your job done. Hiring 10 different resources and making them work as a team might not result as a good idea.


Next important thing to consider is availability of time. If you cannot wait, then you obviously need someone you can get started with in no time. So people with no job in queue should be your top priority. Another plus point of hiring people without a job is that they might give you a discount. So it can turn out to be a cost effective solution as well. 

Hire From Nearby

Hiring from nearby should definitely be your first choice, there are multiple reasons. They can reach out to you quickly, if they are to work for multiple days, they can come daily without any hassle. Once their traveling cost is low, they might charge you low. Also you can call them for the case of emergency and they will be at disposal in no time. Local tradies are always the best and reliable options. Plus you can build long term relations with them i.e if you need them in the future, you can directly reach out to them. Obviously they will give discounts to you for offering them multiple jobs. 

Instruments Availability

As they say, a tradie is nothing without instruments, so always ensure from the service provider if they have the required instruments or not. Having the instruments is a lot important as they make the job easier and reduce the completion time as well. Another vital advantage of instruments is that they are very accurate and result in a clean job. 

Charges and Turnaround time

Although we are mentioning this in the last, in a practical scenario you have to get a commitment from the service provider about the cost and turnaround time of the project. Things go smoothly if the price and turnaround time are decided already. By doing this, you and the service provider both will be inclined towards the same set of expectations. A tip here is to always keep slight changes in price and turnaround time, as home improvement tasks are quite uncertain at times. If your service provider asks for an extension in the deadline of a bit raise in the budget, don’t just panic, ask for the reason instead. 


I hope this list of tips was helpful for you and we hope that you will enjoy re visiting our websites for more insights.

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