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TOP 7 Simple Ideas How to Feel More Happy in Your Interior


How is your feeling today?

If you feel tired and exhausted, try to go traveling. Even two days are enough to feel better. Don’t even think about money or wasted efforts. If you take a car from Payless car rental BWI airport you can spend minimum money and get a worthy car for your trip. Booking apps will help you to get a room in the hostel or hotel. As you can see, planning a trip is not difficult. But what if you have no time for vacation right now? You should wait for holidays. Until then there are many possibilities to take care of your good spirit even staying at home.

STOP! Close your eyes and clear your mind. How does your home make you feel?

It is extremely important to design your home in that special manner that makes you feel good. Your interior is able to better your mood and your day. You feel relaxed and comfortable. Looks at your interior! Is there anything you want to change right now?

Ein Duftflakon aus Glas mit Duftstäbchen mit Blüten geschmückt


Here are useful advices on how to create a new happy environment around you:

Buy furniture that will make you smile every time you see it

It doesn’t mean that your home furniture must be funny and quirky. Just buy a cute cozy chair, armchair, anything that cheers you up every time you look at it. Of course, everything is individual. So, try to find your special furniture item that makes you feel better because of its shape, color, covering. May be, this chair was the one you first bought after marriage and you still remember this memorable fact. Keep smiling.

Give a pleasant smell to your home

Make your home smell special! What smell do you like the most? Do you like vanilla aroma, lavender, fresh flowers? Be careful with the strong fragrances. They are good in small amounts. You can select your special aroma that is able to relax or boost you up. Thus, lavender is good for relaxation and cooling off your mind. You can buy aromatic candles or spray to spread your favorite fragrances around the house.

Add some nature to your interior

More nature! Fresh flowers, flowerpots make your house look fresh and alive. Nature, even a flowerpot on your shelf, makes us feel happier and healthier. Even a single bunch of flowers you bought yesterday can be a real piece of art. Just pick a beautiful vase and put it in your living room or somewhere you can see it and enjoy. Can you see the problem to put a flowerpot in your bathroom?

Flowers in the Kitchen

Change your look for dinner

Pit is an old tradition to change dresses for dinner. It is said that clothes make the man. Do you agree? Anyway, if you feel depressed or nervous, try to change your look. It’s like resetting your program. Will see, you will really feel better! Change your dress, buy new shoes, change your hair color or make a bright make up. Do something!

Fill your place with music

Music is able to create a special atmosphere in your home. It really influences your mood, feelings, and other emotional responses. Try to feel what you want the most at the moment. It is not a problem to find music for relaxation or boosting your energy. Do you feel nervous? Listen to calming vintage music. Do you want to boost your energy before a long working day? Find out something fast, positive, and spirit-lifting. It would be great if you could learn to play the piano or guitar. Then, you can create music on your own. Amazing!

Freshly painted green room


Select right colors

It looks weird but we often associate certain colors with events from our life. Besides, there is a colors’ classification that teaches us how one or another color influences out mood and character. Just add some red, orange, and yellow to feel cheerful and loyal. Blues and greens are perfect for your bedroom. Dark colors are good for strong personalities. It doesn’t mean that you have to paint your house walls every day depending on your mood. You may buy a red sofa, or a bright statue or vase of the color you like the most today.

La hora del te


Pay attention to accessories

Small details are always important in your home interior. You can add any accessory if you find it interesting! Such small details like funny statues, floor vases, antique globe, picture frames, and others may look stylish or humorous. Even a small funny pillow on your sofa is able to better your mood for the rest of the day. When you are traveling, try to buy interesting souvenirs and display them in your house. These items hearten you environment and boost your happiness.

You can find many worthy advices in the internet on what to do to feel better. Go surfing! Learn to ride a horse! Climb up the mountain! Visit Mexico! But if you are not ready to go traveling or ride a horse right now, try to boost your mood with the help of your home interior only! It is possible!

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