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What Hotels Do With Their Interior to Make You Feel HOMY


Where do you usually stay when you go traveling? Hotels or hostels are the most preferable for tourists. You can find a really interesting place to stay, according to your taste. If you want to impress your guests of family you can contact to exotic car rental in Myrtle Beach SC. You can find contacts of a good rental service on different locations. But if you want to get maximum comfort from your trip, you should pick the best hotel. You can find hotels of the best creative solutions. Hotel owners do all possible for creating the most striking interior designs. And if you are particular about quality, here are the newest interior ideas you can meet in the hotels.

Leeuwenvoet - Classic Room #3



  1. Creating dynamic multifunctional spaces

Of course, most of the hotels try to impress their guest with a lobby design. This is the best visited place in the hotel that usually takes much space. All of the weirdest and impressive designers’ ideas are concentrated here, in the lobby. This is not only a space for waiting and checking in and out. Hotels try to organize their lobbies for travelers with different needs. Thus, here you can find a reception zone where you can check in and find all your service questions answered. Also, you can take some rest and have a cup of coffee in the coziest lobby couch. You can meet your business partners or sit in quiet and work on your laptop. The hotel lobby is a multifunctional space. Its decoration is focused on putting all necessary arrangements in one place.

  1. More space in the room

Hotel designers always try to impress their guests with many surprises and interesting design solutions. A classic bed and a soft carpet is not enough to feel special. Creative designers try to add more space everywhere around. Your hotel room must be a perfect place for rest and work, for meeting guests and watching TV with friends and popcorn. According to that, everything in your interior must be memorable: huge modern TV, king-size bed, cozy sofa, and ceiling-to-floor mosaic windows.

  1. SPA-like bathroom

Bathrooms can’t make your hotel room special unless you add SPA elements. Traditionally, bathroom takes a little space because this is a place for bathing only. But modern designers is trying to make your bathing room better than you might ever have: mosaic floor, white jacuzzi, natural aromatic cosmetics, massages, fresh flowers. Spa-like bathroom is what you can’t get at home but usually get in your journey.

Whirlpool mit Sektkübel


  1. More practical restaurants and bars

The hotel bars and restaurant are treated as a special zone for eating and working. The restaurant space becomes more practical, where people can come at any time and order dinner according to their taste. It’s ok if you are a vegetarian or coffee drinker. Also, this is place, where you can invite your business partners for dinner or arrange a birthday party. Each and every restaurant has its own memorable feature, turning your dinner into a big impressive show.

  1. Green accents

Hotel owners try to make your living conditions even more comfortable with a help of natural materials, plants, and fresh flowers in the room. Over-sized windows give more natural light and make you feel refreshing. They add more green accents in the room, like green walls, green curtains, electronic water fountains, green furniture elements, everything for adding green colors.


  1. Arts and beauty

Of course, all hotels are decorated in their own special way determined by the hotel designers. The hotel has its own style and interior solutions. Luckily, more and more hotel owners try to add local and world popular art objects to their interior. It can be pictures, photos, sculptures, everything.

  1. Technology is everywhere

Staying in the hotel you want to live in comfort. Certainly, it can be really good to have not only a wall-to-wall TV and a coffee machine, but a technology-friendly room. It means you also have a conditioner, light control, window blinds and you can control all these technics through your smartphone or one through a desk panel. If it is possible to rent a car through your smartphone, it must be even easier to blind your windows in one click.

Premium Cottage - bedroom with king size bed


  1. More color and textures

You can meet hotels of different styles. It often happens that the hotel style is mixed up with two or more cultures. Anyway, hotel designers are not afraid of using more interesting colors and more natural textures. They spend many efforts to make your living space comfortable and impress you a lot.

Hilton Dublin Airport Hotel // Double Deluxe Room // 4th Floor, spacious, bathtub shower combination, comfortable bedding and big Flat Screen TV! Enjoy and Embrace!


Whenever you are, you want to feel like at home in your hotel. But hotel owners do everything their best to make you feel even better than at home. Modern technics, creative interior solutions, Spa in your bathroom, lobby-restaurant space – all these components make your stay memorable.

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