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How to Pick the Perfect Bed for a Good Night Sleep


When it comes to having a good night’s sleep, people don’t really plan for it as much as they should.

A lot of factors affect how well you sleep for the night. This includes what you eat and the activities before you sleep.

Another factor that influences how well you sleep at night is your bedding situation. In fact, your mattress has a lot to do with how well you sleep as well as your overall health.

How Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health?

With a good mattress, you will have a comfortable time sleeping. If you sleep well, then you reduce your levels of stress. Plus, you are also more alert and awake in the mornings.

If you find yourself turning and tossing all night, then it may be a sign that you need a new mattress. On that note, how do you pick the perfect mattress that will get you a good night’s sleep?

Go to stores to see it personally

Although buying online is alright, it’s still best that you go to the store to test out the mattresses yourself. According to https://georgestreetlinen.com/, even though the mattress companies label their mattresses based on firmness, it’s still quite subjective.

Going personally will ensure that your mattress is as soft or as firm as you need it to be.

Take price out of the equation

It’s important that when you’re looking at mattresses, you shouldn’t go for the cheapest ones. Instead, what you should really be looking at is the level of comfort you’re going to get.

After all, a mattress is bound to last you a long time. Although the price to pay initially may not be ideal for you, it’s worth saving up to get the best one instead of settling for the cheaper ones.

Research for different types and materials

Before you buy any mattresses, it’s important that you do your research on the different types and materials used in a mattress.

Innerspring (Coils)

Innerspring mattresses have been here for a long time. They are cooler to the body and they are firm enough so it doesn’t feel like you’re sinking.

On the other hand, it can also be sensitive to movement so if your partner moves around in bed, you are likely to feel it.


Latex mattresses are firm and adjust well to the temperature of the body. Aside from that, it’s quite durable too. However, the downside is that it can be quite expensive. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive mattresses out there.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is great for adjusting to the shape of your body. Thus, you’ll feel its softness and warmth envelope you which is good for a good night’s sleep. Much like the latex mattress, it can also get quite expensive.


A hybrid mattress combines traditional spring systems in bed with the memory foam or even the latex. It will still be comfortable and have the bounce of a spring bed. However, it won’t be as expensive as memory foam and is a better alternative than cheaper memory foam mattresses.


If you have an adjustable bed or sleep system, then you will need an adjustable mattress to go with it. Otherwise, all the movement and adjustments of the bed may end up reducing the life span of your mattress.


This type of mattress is usually a coil type of mattress, except the only difference is that there is an added layer sewn on the top. This adds a level of comfort to the mattress, making it easier to relax in and be comfortable with.


Waterbeds were initially made for people with back problems, like people with Arthritis. Although it’s not as popular as it was before, it still has its pros and cons. It’s comfortable and good for people with allergies. However, it isn’t very firm. Plus, it can get leaks.

Look for knowledgeable salespeople

If you’re going out shopping for a new mattress, a second opinion will definitely help you make a smarter purchasing decision. Thus, getting a knowledgeable salesperson to help you choose is the best idea. Make sure they aren’t just trying to get you to buy their most expensive stock.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and test the mattresses. Ask about issues you have with your old mattress and which mattresses better fit your needs. You should also consult with them about the research you did on which types of mattresses fit you better and get them to give you a description of their wares.

Having the perfect bed to get you that good night’s sleep is a major purchase. After all, it’s supposed to last you for years to come and once you’ve bought the bed, well then you have to lie in it.

With these tips above, you should be able to have a general idea of how to shop for the perfect mattress. Do your research and get yourself that well-deserved good night’s slumber.


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