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Trip to Puerto Rico: 5 Parks for Leisure Walks in San Juan


The nature of Puerto Rico fascinates and amazes at the same time. All the islands of this tiny country are literally buried in greenery, offering outstanding conditions for eco-tourism. This applies even to such a modern industrial city as San Juan.

Despite its dense population, it managed to preserve a piece of nature in the residential area, and numerous city parks are the best evidence of this fact. When visiting San Juan, take some time to wander through the local green areas and take a break from the city rush.

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Park Luis Munoz Rivera

Luis Muñoz Rivera Park

(photo by Keisha Charlene)

This recreational park was named in honor of Puerto Rican political leader. The outstanding green area is located in Puerto de Thiers, San Juan. In 1919, the land was given to the residents of San Juan to build a park. The model of the park was created in 1924, and construction began in 1928. The park was reconstructed by the architect Otto Reyes in 1990, and Andres Magnucci in 2003.

Luis Muñoz Rivera Park covers about 110,000 square meters and consists of a large open stage in front of which there’s a statue of Luis Muñoz Rivera, established in memory of his struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico. The park has bicycle lanes, picnic areas, a children’s playground, the 18th century Armory and Pavilion de la Paz, where handicraft fairs and other events usually take place.

Address: Avenida Luis Muñoz Rivera, San Juan


Parque de las Palomas


(photo by Davida Gypsy Breier)

Parque de las Palomas, or the Pigeon Park, is a cozy destination in Old San Juan, allowing everyone to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The park received its name in honor of the pigeons that live there all year round, and expect that they will be fed by visitors.

Pigeon Park is located in the old part of the city of San Juan, near Santo Cristo de la Salud church. Also, from the park you can reach La Princesa Gallery – the former city prison.

The park is famous not only for its many birds, but also for its narrow streets, wooden benches, elegant sculptures, which together create an atmosphere of peace and quiet. The park is called the calmest place of San Juan, opening magnificent views of San Juan Bay. While traveling around the city, be sure to visit this picturesque park.

Address: Calle de Tetuan, San Juan


Ocean Park

Condado/Ocean Park at Sunset, San Juan, PR

(photo by eirehead)

Santurce district is known for a beautiful Ocean Park, situated in the northern part of Puerto Rican state capital. This charming piece of nature is placed between the streets of Guerrero Noble and Cacique in the east, Lois Street in the south, Santa Ana – in the west, and the Atlantic Ocean in the north.

Ocean Park has the greatest number of holidaymakers in season of strong coastal winds, creating excellent conditions for wind- and kite-surfers. A small rocky stone island in the ocean is a highlight of the park.

Also, this area is full of shops, restaurants and cozy cafes, and all these facilities contributes to a lovely atmosphere.

Address: Avenida Las Américas, San Juan


Luis Munoz Marin Park

2018 - San Juan (Aerial), Puerto Rico; Approaching West-to-East Luis Marin Munoz International Airport

(photo by Voyageur du Monde)

Luis Munoz Marin Park is the epicenter of culture and leisure in Puerto Rico’s capital. It’s named after the country’s political leader Luis Muñoz Marin. Designed by the Bennett Parsons & Frost in Chicago, the park was officially opened in 1928. It was restored several times, most recently in 2003 by the project of the architect Andres Minucci.

Luis Munoz Marin Park is located in the center of San Juan, in the northeast of the island. There are green areas for recreation, bike paths, children’s playgrounds, an artificial lake with catamarans, and picnic houses.

The main attraction of the park is the funicular, which offers an unforgettable view of the city. Most of the services offered there are paid – renting a bicycle or riding a catamaran will cost $6, a ride on a cable car – $2 for adults and $1 for children.

Address: Expreso Las Américas Gobernador Piñero, San Juan


Central Park of San Juan

0207 San Juan Bosco church from Central Park - La Fortuna Costa Rica - 01-29-2019

(photo by Edward Schonsett)

Being established in 1979, this is a gorgeous park with the area of 15 hectares.

Only mangrove trees grow in the park. It’s interesting to know that, a huge root of the mangroves can even bulge out of the ground. The newly renovated park has 20 tennis courts, a huge athletics area with an open podium of the stadium, as well as cafes and children’s playgrounds. The golf course is made with completely new Olympic standards, and in 2006 the water complex of pools was built.

Here you can see how thick, huge iguanas slide along mangrove wooden ropes, and park paths.

Address: Expreso John F. Kennedy, San Juan





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