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Take a Break! TOP 8 Beautiful Gardens in New York


New York is Top city that every tourist wants to visit at least once on his life. This is the leading city in arts, food, architecture, fashion, and gardening. Also, this is a really comfortable place for tourists. Do you want to eat for cheap in Michelin restaurant? No problem! Do you want to rent manual transmission car in NYC because you are a big fan of mechanic driving? Here you are! Do you want to spend a day in the park with your family? No problems at all. Sometimes, it looks like you have unlimited opportunities in NY. There is always much to see and to do.

So, do you still think that Manhattan is the only one worthy place to visit in New York? Watch you go! You can miss such city attractions as New York Botanical Garden, Bronx Zoo, ethnic restaurants in Queens, Staten Island ferry, and others. When the weather is cold, you have to spend much time indoors. The city can boast a big variety of indoor parks and gardens you can spend your time nicely. It’s not only about interesting flowers, but many different birds, animals, even butterflies.

Lamberton Conservatory,May11,2009



  1. NY Botanical Garden

This place is famous all over the country as one of the best impressive gardens in America. Actually, this is an outdoor territory and you are welcomed to have a walk in the indoor garden when the weather is bad. In short, it works only in winter and late autumn when walking through the park alleys under the heavy rain isn’t much funny. Indoor garden has a big collection of such exotic plants as palms, cactuses, dessert flora. You will be impressed.

  1. Frick Gardens

This unique territory, including a big house and gardens around it, was a residence of the city industrial millionaire. Of course, the biggest part of planting is situated outdoors around the house. There is also a small territory filled with beautiful fountains, tropical flowers. This is a cozy place to take some fresh air and admire the best representatives of the garden architecture.

  1. Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Welcome to Brooklyn! The huge territory of the Botanical garden is divided into 5 pavilions. You will be amazed to hear their names: Dessert pavilion, Water pavilion, Tropical pavilion, and others. You can see many different plants, delivered from all continents. Never miss waterfalls, Amazonian pavilion, orchids collection, and dessert cactuses.



  1. Central Park Zoo

Do you think that the city Zoo is a home for animals only? In the New York Zoo you can find a separated zone, called the Tropical Forest. Most of the exhibits are usually placed in the cages or on the other side of a glass. But not this time! You are free to cross the tropical forest, walk on the narrow road, and learn exotic plants you meet on your way. Also, you can see many different animals and enjoy the forest sounds.

  1. Ford Foundation Atrium

Ford Foundation Atrium attracts you with a beautiful subtropical garden. It was founded in 1967 to be the source of a fresh air in a metropolis city. This indoor territory is planted with high trees, tropical vegetation. The trees are so high that it looks like you are walking in a real deep forest.



  1. Museum of Natural History

How is it possible? All locals know that this is a place to see butterflies with no glassy cages and trespassing ropes. This big and light room is always full of visitors, especially in a cold weather. Also, it is the right place for those, who want to learn more about the world of butterflies. Family excursions are popular here.

Lysandra bellargus


  1. Wave Hill

There is a place at the Wave Hill that everyone should know. The outdoor gardens welcome visitors every day around the year. The indoor conservatory is the right place to visit at a cold weather. This territory is covered with flowers, cactuses, lilies, nutmegs, and other plants unlike the outdoor gardens. They are planted with needle-leaved trees.

  1. Astor Chinese Garden

If you are tired of city noise, stony roads, and high buildings, you should find some relaxation from nature. Chinese gardens are the best place for walking alone. You can see not only nature pieces, but hundreds of museum exhibits placed here and there on your way. It’s really inspiring!



New York is a huge city. You can always find much to do here. Whenever you live, in China Town or Soрщб don’t be afraid to find that particular place where you feel comfortable. Of course, you can’t find two similar districts or parks in the city. But every region is original and distinctive. It can be rather unexpected to find a green oasis in the very center of industrial district. This is a beauty of New York!

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